About C2 Connections

C2 Connections helps small and medium sized businesses in the Northwest develop strategies to maximize their exposure and influence through online marketing and advertising. We help local businesses make valuable connections to their customers by offering cost-effective and affordable products and services, such as mobile-friendly websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), targeted programmatic advertising, retargeting, reputation intelligence and content marketing.
More than an advertising platform or clearinghouse, C2 takes the time to understand your objectives and goals before recommending a particular course of action.

C2 was founded internally by KHQ, Inc. in 2014 and launched to the public in 2015 as a separate but cooperating division of the company based in Spokane, Wash. Our television partners extend our reach into Central Washington, Montana and Northern Wyoming.

Our Purpose
We help local businesses make valuable connections to their customers through digital marketing and advertising strategies that are both cost-effective and affordable.

Our Vision
Because of our extensive experience in media advertising, we understand how various advertising and marketing tactics work together. Online campaigns are more effective with traditional forms of advertising; traditional advertising is more effective with accompanying online campaigns. And ALL ad campaigns are more effective when businesses make compelling offers, have properly-built websites and landing pages, and have strategies in place to gather and nurture leads that come in through various communication channels.