Retargeting   Re-engage your viewers with retargeting

Rarely does a viewer make a purchase decision, sign up for a newsletter or make a call on the first visit. The vast majority of visitors to your website will leave before doing what you want them to do. Site Retargeting and Search Retargeting allow you to re-engage those viewers who found you once but left before taking action.


Site Retargeting

It's a fact of digital life: most people will leave your website before making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or doing whatever else you want them to do. But now, with Site Retargeting, you can reach out to them again while they visit other websites. Site Retargeting allows you to serve an ad to people who have visited your site and then left.


Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting takes retargeting to the next level! Instead of serving up an ad to someone who has visited your website, Search Retargeting allows you to serve an ad up to someone who has shown an interest in your products and services. We begin with a robust set of relevant keywords, and then adjust that list on the fly to optimize your campaign.


Facebook Advertising

We help business effectively advertise on Facebook in two ways.

    • Facebook Exchange (FBX): We can display ads to users on Facebook after they have signaled intent through the seaches they have performed on the internet. Ads trafficked through FBX are displayed on Facebook's "right rail". This combines the use of our powerful first party data with the reach and loyalty of Facebook to deliver impressive clickthrough results.
    • Facebook Newsfeed: Give your campaign a boost by adding one of the most powerful tools on social media. We can leverage Facebook's extensive data to serve ads to highly qualified users on their desktop and mobile Newsfeeds.

Adding a retargeting component to your Facebook advertising is another effective way of exposing your brand to qualified viewers. Once they leave your website you can retarget them with ads on the web and on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising

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