• Our friends at published an eye-opening infographic this week that shows the popularity and effectiveness of video advertising - particularly programmatic video advertising. Simply put, it works. It works because more people than ever are watching video online, and more reliable data is becoming available with which to target viewers.

    At C2, we believe pairing a robust programmatic video campaign with a well-formed programmatic banner campaign is the best use of digital advertising dollars. Reach and effectiveness of a campaign can be further boosted by running a matching campaign on traditional media (i.e. radio, TV and print).

  • C2 Connections can help you build powerful online ad campaigns by leveraging the data, reach and influence of the most powerful name in social media. Facebook advertising can be an effective and affordable component to online ad campaigns.

    Unlike most providers that buy stock audience segments, C2 has access to valuable element-level data to use in conjunction with any Facebook ad campaign. We use reliable data to create custom audiences, and then serve ads to those audiences on Facebook.


    Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX):

    Leverage first party data to build targeted campaigns and serve ads to viewers on Facebook's "right rail". Build your campaign using the following tactics:


    o Keyword Level Search Retargeting – start with a set of relevant search terms, and then serve ads to people on Facebook who have conducted searches on those terms online. For example, a tire store could build a campaign that includes keywords like "Spokane tire repair", "flat repair" or "Michelin tires". Users who search for those – and related – terms could be served an ad on Facebook.

    o Site Retargeting – Place a tracking pixel on your web page or website. Serve ads on Facebook to people who have visited your site and then left without taking action.

    Facebook Advertising


    Facebook Newsfeed:

    This tactic is as simple as it sounds. We can access Facebook's user data to build custom campaigns that will serve ads in qualified viewers' Newsfeeds. Instead of displaying small ads on the "right rail", these large ads are prominently displayed in-line with a viewer's news stories, cat videos and funny memes.
    Advertising on Facebook – both through Facebook Exchange and on Newsfeed – are best used as components to well-rounded campaigns that employ a variety of tactics. Contact a representative of C2 Connections to get started today.

    Advertising on Facebook – both through Facebook Exchange and on Newsfeed – are best used as components to well-rounded campaigns that employ a variety of tactics. Contact a representative of C2 Connections to get started today.

  • Geo-Fencing Icon  Use the power of Geo-Fencing to reach out your customers where they are

    When it comes to local, it doesn’t get any more local than Geo-Fencing. This mobile targeting tactic allows you to serve ads to people who pass through specific geographical boundaries identified by GPS technology.

  • White papers about the Internet Advertising industry.

  • I'm seeing a few interesting things to stay on top of this week – from Programmatic advertising to Reputation Intelligence. And MediaPost has the highlights of a recent survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau which should make you think about the future of mobile advertising - and all of its challenges. And did you here about what Facebook wants to do with news outlets?

  • I came across this article from Cathy Crosett on the website, Media Sales Today, that addresses Facebook's push to take ad dollars away from TV. She quotes an upcoming report from Sales Development Services that says 37 percent of broadcast TV sales managers believe its getting harder to compete against Facebook and Google.

  • Every year around this time – November to December-ish – bloggers everywhere take a few minutes to jot down their thoughts about where their industry is headed. Who can blame us, really?

  • Whether you’re an ad agency, a small business owner, a website publisher or even a TV station, chances are you have heard of programmatic advertising. In fact, you have probably heard a lot about programmatic advertising – enough to form an opinion. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about: your opinion of programmatic advertising, and how you formed that opinion.

  • I regularly scroll through several industry sites, blogs and social channels, so why don't I share the best of what I find with you? Well, duh! Today I found some interesting write-ups on programmatic TV, when to change out creatives in an ad campaign, and the problem with ad agencies today. My favorite happens to be a piece about the death of "snackable" content.

  • Think back to those silly class presentations you did in high school, or those shallow speeches you crafted for your Communications 101 class in college. Totally worthless? Well, a series of experiences this week has reminded me of their importance.

  • As a digital advertising strategist I am always looking for new, exciting and effective ways to help my clients reach their target market. I genuinely want them to succeed – both professionally and personally. I take great pride in helping one of my friends achieve their goals. So, as I contemplated a recent ad campaign and thought about how I would answer the client’s questions about optimizing keywords and achieving best-possible focus, I became excited.